World Campus Masters丨第三届“WCM世界校园大师”2022全球发布惊喜连连与你有缘

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多么工作室Atelier d'More受Young Bird Plan/designverse设计宇宙邀请担任2022年度WCM世界校园大师观察团和给予优秀作品点评



“WCM世界校园大师”的全称是“World Campus Masters世界校园大师设计作品优选计划”,由Young Bird Plan嫩鸟计划出品,2019年启动,以鼓励全球青年学子分享并参评在校期间设计作品为宗旨,展现不同地域与文化背景下的当代设计新兴力量,旨在推进校园设计原创思维与全球大设计产业的当下发展进行对话,将青年人才世界最前沿和影响力企业、设计平台、产业链及设计生态圈。

World Campus Masters Selective Graduation Design Program (short for "WCM") was launched by Young Bird Plan in 2019. This program is committed to recognizing the fresh blood of contemporary design through evaluating course works and graduation designs from global young students and designers in different regions and cultures. It encourages original design thinking in campus to conduct a positive dialogue with the global design industry, bringing young talents to the world's influential design platform, enterprises and industry chain
as well asthe cutting-edge design ecosystem.

“WCM世界校园大师” 三大DNA

WCM’sDNA in Three Terms

It is a show platform and open to all global young participants of any major related to design or art. It is a communication platform for the tutors to exhibit their courses as well.


It creates an influential platform worldwide and links all young talents to the cutting-edge enterprises, industry chain and the design ecological circle.


One-to-one TALENT MATCHING service for all young participants of any major related to design or art.



The 3rd WCM‘s Three Surprises

1、企业自定义奖项/Corporate-tailored Award

“WCM 世界校园大师”设有企业设定自定义奖项特殊机制,全所有企业、机构皆可自定义设立年度特别奖项,自定义奖项设立方案由企业与Young Bird Plan竞赛组委会共同制定,并在designverse官网竞赛命题内实时更新和发布,发布时间为2022年8月~10月。

The WCM, with special awards defined by enterprises themselves, invites all global companies and organizations to set up their own exclusive awards. The tailored award will be formulated by the enterprise and Young Bird Plan Competition Committee and will be updated and released in real-time within the competition time on designverse website. The releasing time is from August to October, 2022.

竞赛命题以designverse官网「」发布为准,点击阅读原文报名参赛For the competition proposition, the official website of designverse prevails. Please click Read More to sign up.

2、 NFT 铸造发行/NFT Creation & Distribution

本届“WCM 世界校园大师”所有设计、艺术类获奖作品均有机会获得主办方和WCM评审委员会终审评委团挑选与全球领先NFT机构合作,为其铸造数字藏品并发行。

All winning works of the WCM in 2022, with any major in art and design fields, will have the opportunity to be created into digitial collections and distributed by the organizer and its globally leading NFT partner that is chosen by the WCM Expert Panel of Judges.

3、 元宇宙虚拟落地/Metaverse Virtual Landing

本届“WCM 世界校园大师”所有设计、艺术类获奖作品均有机会获得主办方和WCM 评审委员会终审评委团挑选全球领先元宇宙开发机构合作生产,为其作品在沉浸式虚拟世界实现落地。

All winning works of the WCM in 2022, with any major in art and design fields, will have the opportunity to be manufactured digitally in the immersive virtual world by the organizer and its globally leading metaverse development partner that is chosen by the WCM Expert Panel of Judges.

在追求专业细分、设计多元的大时代,“WCM 世界校园大师”已成为见证设计思维代际演进,集合当代最先锋思维的表演舞台。

In this great times of accurately classified majors and multi-dimensional designs, the WCM is a performing stage that witnesses the evolution of design thinking generations and assembles the most pioneering thinking of the contemporary times.





3、团队所有成员均需在designverse设计宇宙官网(注册报名竞赛,常见问题请关注官网Q & A。如有任何疑问,可以添加个人微信号:youngbirdplan进行咨询。

It is free of charge and open to all global participants of any major related to design or art,
including students, undergraduates, post-graduates and doctors as well as designers who shall graduate within 5 calendar years(2018-2022). Both individuals and teams can participate in the WCM and the submitted works include but not limit to your course works and the completed graduation design works.

2. Team entries should be designed by the actual participants of the design work. There is no limit on the number of participants in each group. Only one work is allowed to submit for each group.

3. All team members are required to register on designverse website ( For common questions, please visit Q&A on our website. If you have any questions, you can add the WeChat account: youngbirdplan for consultation.

参赛步骤/Process for Join in:



1. Register as a user of the designverse and then fill out the information table for competition participation;

2. Log into personal center to submit your design work.


WCM 世界校园大师2022年度的评选工作分为初审评定阶段和终审评定阶段:

The evaluation work of the WCM in 2022 is divided into two stages - the initial evaluation stage and the final evaluation stage:

初审评定阶段:Super Nova评委团评分选出来自全球建筑、城市、景观、室内、产品、平面、时尚、UI、视觉传达、艺术与科技、数字媒体艺术、公共艺术、材料创新应用等专业组成的第三届“WCM世界校园大师”所有设计、艺术专业分类奖项并给予评语。

The initial evaluation stage: The Super Nova Jury will select the winning works for The 3rd WCM Caterogies Award globally in all classified fields separately, including but not limit to architecture, urban design, landscape, interior, product, graphic design, fashion design, UI, visual communication design, art and technology,‍, digital media art, public art and material innovative application as well as give them comments accordingly.

终审评定阶段:终审评委团将从SUPER NOVA评审团评审出的获奖作品中选出所有设计、艺术类专业分类作品的各分类冠军、企业自定义奖项、NFT 铸造发行、元宇宙作品虚拟落地的最终名单。

The final evaluation stage: The Expert Panel of Judges will select the Champion for all classified fields separately and provide the final list of the Coporate-tailored Award, NFT Creation & Distribution and Metaverse Work Virtual Landing on the basis of all the winning works chosen by the Super Nova Jury.



终审评委团聚焦产学研跨学科评委团组成,以丰厚职业积累、敏感的行业发展预判遴选最契合当代产业发展趋势、未来发展潜力、历史文脉传承等特点的作品。终审评委团拥有增加评选标准的权利,拥有挑选作品最终进行 NFT 铸造发行和元宇宙虚拟落地的权利。

The Expert Panel of Judges is a cross-disciplinary jury with focus on production-study-research who have profound accumulation in their careers and sensitive judgement of the industry development. They will evaluate and select works that best fit the trend of the contemporary industry development, based on their characteristics of potential development in future and inherittance of history and culture, etc. The Expert Panel of Judges will have the right to increase the selection criteria and have the right to select works for NFT creation and distribution as well as the metaverse virtual landing.


SUPER NOVA评委团由6家设计机构的80后创始人组成将就设计作品的前瞻性和对当前及未来挑战的应对性进行评分,优选最符合当代年轻人气质和想法的设计作品。

The Super Nova Jury is comprised of the Generation Y founders of six design firms. They will evaluate works, based on their perspectiveness and response to current and future challenges,
and select the design that best fits the temperament and ideas of contemporary youngsters.



Award Pool of WCM Design/Art Categories Award in 2022(Partial)

第三届WCM世界校园大师 -建筑设计类- 冠军及三强

The 3rd WCM - Architecture Category - Champion & TOP 3

第三届WCM世界校园大师 -室内设计类-冠军及三强

The 3rd WCM - Interior Category - Champion & TOP 3

第三届WCM世界校园大师 -景观设计类-冠军及三强

The 3rd WCM - Landscape Category - Champion & TOP 3

第三届WCM世界校园大师 -城市设计类-冠军及三强

The 3rd WCM - Urban Category - Champion & TOP 3

第三届WCM世界校园大师 -产品设计类-冠军及三强

The 3rd WCM - Product Category - Champion & TOP 3

第三届WCM世界校园大师 -平面设计类-冠军及三强

The 3rd WCM - Graphic Category - Champion & TOP 3

第三届WCM世界校园大师 -时尚设计类

The 3rd WCM - Fashion Category - Champion & TOP 3

第三届WCM世界校园大师 -视觉传达设计类

The 3rd WCM - Visual Communication Design Category - Champion & TOP 3

第三届WCM世界校园大师 -艺术与科技类

The 3rd WCM - Art and Technology Category - Champion & TOP 3

第三届WCM世界校园大师 -数字媒体艺术类

The 3rd WCM - Digital Media Art Category - Champion & TOP 3

第三届WCM世界校园大师 -材料创新应用

The 3rd WCM - Material Innovative Application Category - Champion & TOP 3

第三届WCM世界校园大师 -公共艺术类-冠军及三强

The 3rd WCM - Public Art Category - Champion & TOP 3

第三届WCM世界校园大师 -UI设计类-冠军及三强

The 3rd WCM - UI Category - Champion & TOP 3

……..不限更多类别More categories without restrictions

“WCM 世界校园大师”2022年度所有设计、艺术专业分类冠军将从各大设计专业分类中分别选出,每个类别为一个组,类别不限,组数不限;并获得奖金人民币1,600元(税前)及获奖证书;

“WCM 世界校园大师”2022年度专业分类三强作品将在各大设计专业分类中分别选出,并获得奖金人民币1,000元(税前)并获得获奖证书;

以上获奖作品中包含选出所有设计、艺术类专业分类作品的三强和各分类冠军均拥有企业自定义奖项、NFT 铸造发行、元宇宙作品虚拟落地的机会。

“WCM 世界校园大师”入围者将获得:获奖证书

The Champion of WCM Design&Art Categories Award in 2022 will be selected separately from all classified design majors, with each category as a group, and there is no limit on category and group: gain RMB 1,600 (before tax) + Award certificate

Top 3 of WCM in 2022 will be selected separately from all classified design majors and will gain: RMB 1,000 (before tax) + Award certificate

The winning works stated above include the Champion & TOP 3 for each Design&Art Categories Award, and have the opportunities to be awarded the Corporate-tailored Award and for NFT creation and distribution as well as the metaverse work virtual landing.

The shortlists of the WCM will gain:Shortlist certificate


Corporate-tailored Award

“WCM 世界校园大师”作为设计新秀与全球各行业的对话平台,企业自定义奖项的引入不仅是企业文化及品牌理念的输出渠道,更展现了企业对年轻设计力量的呵护和关注,更为新生设计思潮的前行注入推动力。因此,“WCM 世界校园大师”企业自定义奖项是具有设计力和前瞻性的公司对年轻设计师的支持,参赛者可对此持续关注。The WCM is a dialogue platform for the rising stars of the design world and all industries in the world. The introduction of corporate-tailored award is not only an output channel of corporate culture and brand concept, but also presents their care and attention to young designers. Moreover, it will inject vitality into the advancement of new generation of design thinking wave. Therefore, the WCM Corporate-tailored Award is a support to young designers from the strong and forward-looking companies. The participants could continue to pay attention to this award.


Companies interested in setting up your own award can contact us through this email: or add the WeChat accout: youngbirdplan

第三届“WCM世界校园大师” 2022年度企业自定义奖预告(部分)

The 3rd WCM in 2022 Coporate-tailored Award Announcement in Advance (Partial)

科勒敢创设计未来之星/KOHLER BOLD Design Rising Star Awards

旭勒未来人居创意金奖/Future Residence Design Golden Awards


More Corporate-tailored Award in 2022 and related brief will be released shortly.


The 2nd WCM in 2021 Corporate-tailored Award Retrospect

德国旭勒橱柜绿色畅想金奖/SCHÜLLER GreenImagination Golden Awards

HAY室内设计创意奖/HAY Interior Design Award

胶囊茶语产品设计创新奖/Tea Natural Product Design Innovative Award

小库科技数字建筑创新奖/XKool Tech Digital Architecture Innovative Award


- 方案需完整呈现于最多12张A2纵向图纸上,要求图纸300dpi以上,10M以内,标注可读(页面边距8毫米),提交格式统一为JPG,每张图纸大小不超过10MB;

- 报名编号需标注于图纸右上角。编号要求字体:Arial 字号:20,参赛方案需自行命名,


- 作品简介语言:中英双语或英语;

- 作品图纸使用语言:中英双语或英语最佳,也接受参赛者本国语言,关键部位建议使用英语标注;

- 所有图纸和文字说明中,请勿透露个人信息,包括姓名,学校等,凡透露个人信息者,一律取消参赛资格;

- 模型或实物可以照片形式进行展示,上传要求与作品方案要求一致,上传顺序需在设计方案之后;

- 作品需上传封面,封面为单张作品渲染图,大小为1045×654,72dpi,2M以内。


- The plan needs to be fully presented on up to 12 A2 drawings of longitudinal layout, with 300dpi and readable labels (8 mm margin), and within 10M. The unified format for submission is JPG, and each drawing size does not exceed 10MB;

- The registration number must be marked in the upper right corner of the drawing. Its required font is Arial and the font size is 20. You should name your submission according to the design category, such as architecture, landscape, urban, product, art, graphic, etc. The naming format of the drawings follows the rule of “registration number-design category -01/02/03/04...";

- Language used in Work Introduction: Bilingual languages (Chinese-English) or English only;

- The language used in drawings: Bilingual language version (Chinese-English) is the best, and the native language of the participants is also accepted, but the key parts are recommended to be marked in English;

- Do not disclose personal information, including name, university, etc., in all drawings and captions. Anyone who discloses personal information will be disqualified;

- The model or the real object can be displayed through photos, and its uploading requirements are consistent with that of the proposal;

- The cover of the work needs to be uploaded. The cover is a single rendering of the work, and the size is 1045×654px, 72dpi, within 2MB.

For design works of majors, such as Art and Technology, Digital Media Art, which need videos and animations, the file size shall not exceed 100MB, with a duration of no more than 2 minutes. Please upload the video to a video website, such as Tencent, YouTube, Vimeo, and paste your video website on the submission frame of the organizer.







Registration: from August 2, 2022 00:00 to March 16, 2023 24:00

Submission: from August 2, 2022 00:00 to February 28, 2023 24:00

Announcement of shortlists: March 10, 2023

Announcement of Top 3 and the Champion of The 3rd WCM Design/Art Categories Award: April 1, 2023

Announcement of Top 3 and the Champion of WCM Corporate-tailored Award: (TBC)


Note: GMT+8 time zone for all dates. In case of public holidays, it is appropriately postponed. See the official website for details.







In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the State, all participants who take the initiative to participate in this contest are deemed to have made the following irrevocable declaration regarding the copyright ownership of their submitted works:

1. Original statement

The submitted work must be an original work of the entrant and must not infringe any patent rights, copyrights, trademarks and other legal intellectual property rights of any third party. Once the non-original work is verified, the organizer has the right to immediately disqualify related entrant from the competition, being shortlisted, and receiving funding and take back the
subsidy funds and materials. In addition, the organizer still has the right to reserve the right to pursue legal liability in case of economic loss as a result of his or her dishonesty. For example,
If the organizer is sued or has other losses for this reason, the organizer has the right to claim full compensation from the participant. If the organizer has paid in advance, it has the right to recover all direct and indirect losses from the participants (including and not limited to attorney fees, legal fees, preservation fees, appraisal fees, notarization fees, etc.).

2. Agree to the statement

This competition adopts online-voting method, the upload of work indicates that the entrant agrees to authorize the organizer to onymously or anonymously display the work for the purpose of the launch of the competition, as well as the evaluation method of the competition. Before submitting the work, the participants have carefully read all the terms and fully understand and agree. The jury of this competition has the final decision on the results of all the winning works.


Young Bird Plan

Young Bird Plan「嫩鸟计划」竞赛品牌是面向全球创意和设计人才的高品质竞赛平台。以目标建造、名师辅导、跨界评委为三大DNA,并迅速地在全球城市设计、建筑设计、景观设计、室内设计、产品设计、标识设计、时尚设计、平面设计、UI设计、材料创新应用设计等各大设计领域内获得了高度关注,且不断拓宽边界。


Young Bird Plan is an international competition platform for global design talents. With three key elements, viz. fabrication, mentor’s guidance and interdisciplinary jury, it is fast becoming a leading voice in global design fields like urban design, architecture design, landscape design, interior design, product design, logo design, fashion design, graphic design, UI design and material innovation application design, etc.

We provide three dimensional publicity and creative solution through the tailored competitions for clients. For the past nine years since establishment, we have propelled the implementation of design projects and products focusing on urban spaces and life aesthetics. Besides, Young Bird Plan is devoted to pushing the urban development and offering high-quality solutions to product updates. On the other hand, we make every effort to create opportunities for young designers. Young Bird Plan has great influence in the design industry.

2019年Young Bird Plan「嫩鸟计划」(网站升级并正式合并入designverse(设计宇宙)网站平台(;平台以鼓励青年设计原创和设计思维,与全球设计行业及产业发展进行正向对话为目标,旨在将嫩鸟作品及设计人才搭接到世界最具影响力的设计平台和最前沿的设计生态圈。

In 2019, the website of Young Bird Plan was upgraded and transformed and formally merged into designverse website platform ( The platform aims to encourage young people to design with originality and in design thinking, and to have positive dialogue with the global design industry and industrial development. In a word, it strives for connecting young bird works and design talents to the most influential design platform and cutting-edge design ecosystem all over the world.


Till now, we have cooperated with several governments, development agencies and international brands, e.g., Suichang County of Zhejiang Province, Yongchuan District of Chongqing City, Suzhou New District, China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone, Hexi District of Tianjin City, Jiaxing Municipal People’s Government, JIACHENG GROUP, Vanke Group, China Fortune Properties, Westbund, URS China, Leliving, HKR International Limited, HAY, Sunbrella, DeCastelli, MATSU Group, Xiao Guan Tea, Dongpeng Group, raumplus, SCHÜLLER, Jiaxing Planning & Design Research & Institute Co., Ltd., Tea Natural, XKool Tech, Huafon Group, etc.


The organizer reserves the right to interpret the rules of the contest.

Official Website(官网):